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Eaton Pumps and Motors - Medium Duty


There are many methods used to transmit engine power to the driven wheels of a vehicle. These methods range from the standard manual shift, to the more sophisticated automatic transmission and now to the latest method of propelling vehicles, hydrostatic propulsion drive.

The main advantage of the hydrostatic propulsion drive is the infinite speed ratios that can be obtained by being able to control the piston pump cam-plate angle, from the neutral position to full cam-plate forward or reverse position. The direction and speed of the vehicle can be changed without changing the rotation of the pump.

The type of propulsion drive principle consists of a manual servo controlled and variable position piston pump with a gerotor change pump and a fixed displacement motor.

General Use:

  • Concrete Mixers,

  • Cherry Pickers

  • Conveyor Systems

  • Mobile Plants

Eaton 72400-RMP Pump


Eaton Medium Duty Piston Motors convert hydraulic energy supplied by th pump to mechanical energy. These motors are uniquely suited to fit any application that requires continuous rotary motion at a remote location from the power source. 


Axial piston motors share the design advantages of piston pumps to provide long-lasting power in a light weight, easily serviceable package.

Eaton Pump

General Use:

  • Harvester

  • Sprayers

  • Feed Mixers

  • Lift Trucks

  • Lawn Tractors

  • Mini Backhoe

  • Scissor Lifts

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