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Parker Motors - LSHT Torqmotors™

TB, TE and TG Series

Parker Hydraulic Motors deliver high efficiency and long lasting durability. Medium duty, low speed motor with higher pressure ratings for applications requiring higher torque.

TB Series Torqmotor™

Exclusive Australian Distributor!

TB Series Motor

Parker Torqmotor TB Series

TB Series

Light to Medium Duty Low Speed, High Torque Motors.

This light to medium duty motor incorporates all the features of heavy duty motors. Design features include a high pressure shaft seal so external drains are never required, roller vane technology for automatic wear compensation, and full flow internal cooling and flushing. This is a very economical motor for most light to medium duty applications.

TE Series Torqmotor™

TE Series Motor

Parker Torqmotor TE Series

TE Series

 Medium Duty Low Speed, High Torque Motors.

This medium duty motor has higher pressure ratings than the TB motor, for applications requiring higher torque. Robust roller bearings withstand higher side loads and are suitable for chain and sprocket shaft connections. It uses high pressure shaft seals, robust roller bearings and high flow shaft seal cooling.

TG Series Torqmotor™

TG Series Motor

Parker Torqmotor TG Series

TG Series

 Exceptional Strength & Durability in a High Performance Motor

The heart of Parker’s TG Series powertrain, the torqmotor is an extra heavy duty part that includes unique 60:40 spline
geometry. Rugged construction throughout allows the transmission of over 13,000 lb-in of torque. The entire powertrain is continually washed in cool, high flow fluid to assure long life. Roller vanes and sealed commutator maintain high efficiency and provide smooth low speed performance.

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