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MGG Gerotor Motors

Parker MGG Motors

Parker Gerotor Motors deliver high efficiency and long lasting durability. Gerotor Motors offer the following advantages:

  • Gerotor design (High Speed / Low Torque)

  • Aluminium construction for optimum power to weight ratio

  • Bi-directional

  • High-pressure mechanical seals available for series application to 1000 PSI back pressure

  • Roller bearings for long life

  • Buna-N Seals are standard for petroleum and glycol based fluids.

  • MGG — Motor - Shaft speeds to 5000 RPM

  • Up to 17 HP output for motors

Parker MGG Gerotor Motor
Parker MGG Motor specifications

MGG Motor Order Code

How to Order Geroter Pumps and Motors

Select the desired symbol in the correct position to construct a model code

Parker MGG Motor Order Code Guide
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