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Manufactured by QMN

The QMN VP and VPH premium phasing cylinder range are manufactured with a proprietary internal mechanism that delivers the optimal lift for your application with minimal internal wear and low cylinder creep.


Our Phasing Cylinders offer the following advantages:

  • Extended Seal Life.
    The VP and VPH range has a proprietary internal mechanism with no moving parts or grooves for the seal to travel over during operation. This feature extends the life of the seals, reduces service costs and minimises cylinder creep.

  • Dual Phasing.
    The VP and VPH range are dual phasing meaning they re-phase at the end of each stroke. The smaller PH range are single phase and are set to phase at the top or bottom of the stroke. Settings are specified when ordered.

  • Robust Design
    Externally, the phasing cylinder construction is based on the proven durability and reliability of QMN’s agricultural range of cylinders.

  • Matching Internal Volumes*
    QMN phasing cylinders are engineered with matching internal volumes. During operation, the fluid displaced from the rod end of the preceding larger cylinder supplies the fluid to the piston end of the following smaller cylinder. Matching the corresponding internal rod end and piston end volumes ensures the cylinders in series extend and contract simultaneously.

Standard Features:

  • VP & VPH Range has an internal mechanism with no moving parts or grooves.

  • Heavy duty ductile iron clevis and 1045 billet steel base.

  • Polished chrome steel rods for improved wear life and corrosion protection.

  • Precision honed high quality steel cylinder barrels.

  • Piston & cylinder heads manufactured from 1045 rolled black steel bar.

  • High quality Kastas seals and rod wiper seal to keep out foreign matter and increase pressure seal life.

  • 3/4” UNO porting.

  • 3,500PSI Cylinder working pressure.


• 0.50" Sizes

Standard Stroke Lengths - 8", 12", 18", 24", 36"
Cylinder Working Pressure 3,500psi

• 0.25" Sizes

Standard Stroke Lengths - 8", 12", 16", 18", 24", 36"
Cylinder Working Pressure 3,500psi
Consult Powerdraulics for Load and Pressure Details.
Phasing can be on retraction, extension or both with VP & VPH Ranges
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